Search Engine Submission and Services.

Clients frequently ask us how search engines work and some clients have lost money by commissioning the services of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) companies.

Before using our company some of our clients have used the services of SEO companies and have spent as much as £1700 on such services. Some have experienced a better listing but, in truth, it must be known that the work carried out on their sites would have taken the SEO Company a maximum of 5 hours. We do not agree with such organisations that take advantage of their clients and charge such extortionate rates.

Clearly, for those clients whose websites exist to help generate additional exposure and subsequent business in a competitive marketplace, they may feel that it is important to optimise their sites to produce maximum ‘returns’ and a good listing in searches. This is where we can help.

SEO can be a mind baffling experience, but we have a good track record and experience in SEO, sitemaps, and online marketing.

Proof? Did you find this website on the search engines?

We can optimise your website for a lot less than you might think. Contact us for a clear explanation of the SEO services we can offer.

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