Terms and Conditions of Service

Like all businesses Website Design and Creation (WDC) does have a few terms and conditions of service.

We would be grateful if you would note the following terms and conditions which are standard for website design businesses:

All quotes are initially valid for 60 days. If work has not been commissioned within this period a new quote will be required (although in most cases this will be identical to the previous one). In addition, all work must be completed within 60 days of services commencing.

When all necessary information has been received, your site should take between 2 and 3 weeks to create. We can only create so many sites each month and like all other business we require incoming payments for work that has been carried out. For this reason once work on your site has commenced, if there is a long delay in correspondence from yourself, we may kindly request part payment after 21 days. If the delay extends to 90 days then full payment will be requested. Also if the delay extends 90 days then a 8% surcharge will be added to the due payment.

In the VERY unlikely event that you wish to move your domain name from our servers to another company an administration charge of £55 will be levied to transfer your domain name, update administrator details for the domain name and supply a backup of your website. Without the supply of a website backup, the charge is reduced to £35.00.  (This charge does not include any registration charges or amendments).

The WDC server is intended to host sites that my company has created. We do not offer FTP for outside access to the server for security reasons.

Payments for hosting are due on set up and yearly fees for hosting are payable in advance. Payments for creation services are due within 21 days of completion whether the site is live or not. If the site is up and running and payment is not received after 28 days then an 8% surcharge will be added.

Yearly hosting payment plans commence on the first of the month following the server set up, although the initial hosting invoice will be issued on set up. This is because the email can be used instantly. If hosting renewal fees are not paid by the renewal date then the hosting service including email will be withdrawn after a further 7 days. There is a £45.00 administration charge to reactivate these services.

Due to customer demand, update requests may take up to 48 hours to be carried out, although in most cases these will be done on the day they are requested.

Payments for domain name renewals must be received from the client prior to Website Design and Creation renewing the name.

Payments for any third party services such as SSL Certificates must be received from the client prior to Website Design and Creation renewing the service.

In the event of non-payment of outstanding balances, we reserve the right to withdraw all services until payment in full has been made. Please note, this action may incur additional administration costs to reinstate websites which have regrettably had to be frozen.

Your understanding in the above matters is appreciated.

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